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CTZCoatzacoalcos (México)
CTZCorps Tactical Zone
CTZCollege Toezicht Zorgverzekeringen (Dutch: College Health Insurance Supervision; Netherlands)
CTZCoastal Transition Zone
CTZControl Zone
CTZCentral Time Zone
CTZColumbus, Tomahawk, Zeus (beer hops)
CTZChemoreceptive Trigger Zone (part of the brain responsible for nausea)
CTZCertificato del Tesoro Zero Coupon (Italian: Zero Coupon Treasury Certificate)
CTZConsorcio de Transportes de Zaragoza (Spanish: Zaragoza Tranport Consortium; Zaragoza, Spain)
CTZCritical-Time Zone
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Both FTIR and DSC analysis was carried out to evaluate the interfering between drug and excipients used for the CTZ ODTs formulation.
The goal of this study is to identify and characterize the interaction between ITEs generated in CTZ off Chile with the Juan Fernandez Archipelago and to discuss the potential impact on surface Chl-a concentrations observed at the archipelago.
Cyclothiazide (CTZ) not only blocks AMPA receptor desensitization, but also inhibits GABAA receptors [8], which leads to induction of epileptiform activities in hippocampal neurons in both in vitro and in vivo preparations [7, 9-11].
The center which controls nausea and vomiting is affected by different areas such as CTZ. This area is full of dopamine, muscarine, opioid and serotonin receptors.
Kainic acid, 2-amino-3-(5-methy1-3-oxo-1,2-oxazol-4-y1), propanoic acid (AMPA), and cyclothiazide (CTZ) were purchased from Tocris Biosciences (UK).
Ministry of Agriculture, Kenya and German Agency Technical Cooperation team (CTZ) 2006.
Aristegui, "The influence of mesoscale physical processes on the larval fish community in the Canaries CTZ, in summer," Progress in Oceanography, vol.
The chemoreceptor trigger zone (CTZ) is a specialised region of the brainstem identified as the site for chemical stimulation of vomiting, and perhaps, nausea.