CTELCollege of Teacher Education and Leadership
CTELCambridge Technology Enterprises Limited (Cambridge, MA)
CTELCenter for Technology-Enhanced Learning (various locations)
CTELCentre Touristique et Educatif des Laurentides (French: Laurentian Educational and Tourist Center; Canada)
CTeLCenter for Telehealth & E-Health Law
CTELCommissioner for Television and Entertainment Licensing (Hong Kong)
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According to CTeL, the site will utilize social media components, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn, to keep users engaged and up to date on the most important issues, legislation, decisions and cases.
CTEL and TFA share the responsibility ofpreparing effective teachers for the urban classrooms of Phoenix, Arizona.
The Induction, Masters, and Certification (InMAC) program at CTEL allows alternatively certified teachers to be the teacher of record (i.
The heart of the teacher education for urban alternatively certified teachers, both inside and outside of the classroom, is provided by both CTEL clinical instructors (CIs) and TFA program directors (PDs).
It should be noted, in response to criticisms of teacher education programs for alternatively certified teachers (Rochkind, Ott, Immerwahr, Doble, & Johnson, 2007), the InMAC program did not reduce the certification requirements; instead, CTEL adjusted the experiences to more adequately meet these teachers' immediate needs, such as shifting the order of courses to prioritize specific areas of learning.
Billings said he remains optimistic about the pilot program because CTel representatives have held high-level meetings with various FCC commissioners.
CTEL staff will spend significant time shadowing TFA's summer institute teachers and program directors.
In addition, CTEL will recruit and select future teachers who are the most likely to lead their students to academic success, using a model based on the traits of the nation's most successful teachers.
85 million investment will enable the creation of a CTEL Summer Institute, based on the TFA model.
5 million English Language Learners may take the CTEL to earn this qualification.
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MOSCOW, July 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- CenterTelecom (RTS: ESMO, ESMOP, MICEX: CTEL, CTELP and US OTC: CRMUY) is pleased to announce the listing of its Level 1 ADRs (American Depositary Receipts) on the Frankfurt and Berlin stock exchanges, effective from 28 July 2005.