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Bond Length Bond Length Cu1 N1 2.214(11) Cu2 N5 1.960(12) Cu1 N2 1.990(10) Cu2 N9 2.038(12) Cu1 N3 1.996(13) Cu2 N7 1.965(12) Cu1 N4 1.991(11) Cu2 N8 2.168(12) Cu1 O7 2.045(10) Cu2 O38 2.217(8) Table 3: Antibacterial activities of compounds 1-6.
The CU2 test is based on the Farnsworth D15 and has 10 charts that display a central colour and four peripheral hues.
The total Cu concentrations (mg/L) in rhizosphere soil solution were 0.02, 0.12, 0.26, and 0.45 (0.31, 1.9, 4.1, and 7.1 [micro]M) for the control, Cu1, Cu2, and Cu3 treatments, respectively.
Costs (%C) CU1 frame 10% CU2 sensors 20% CU3 door 40% CU4 modular covers 20% CU5 safety equipment 10% Tab.
El genero Bittacus Latreille, 1805, se reconoce porque las venas 1 a y Cu2 de las alas posteriores se encuentran casi completamente separadas y se fusionan solo cerca al apice en las alas anteriores.
3): st parallel-sided, reaching beyond middle of R, r arising from base of st by a distance as long as r1, the latter slightly longer than the width of st when infolded, distal half of r2 nearly evenly bent, R not reaching tip of wing, cu2 developed by a distance greater than cq1 long, nr clearly antefurcal, d slightly longer than nr, nv postfurcal, B about twice as long as wide, closed by vein cu1b, np arising from middle of B; r' and cu2' indicated only as folds, nr' absent.
(B105, $4.98); "The Museum of Modern Art Close Up" (CU2, $4.98); "The National Gallery of Art Close Up" (CUI, $4.98); "The J.