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Regression equations for the height--(A); dry matter of the aerial part (DMS)-(B); content of copper in the root (CuR)-(C); and aerial part (CuS)-(D); accumulated copper in the root (CuAR)-(E); and in the aerial part (CuAS)-(F) in the S.
Cuar?n shot his movie for 3-D, and anyone who hadn't experienced the grungy indie-film humanism of "Children of Men" might expect the visuals of "Gravity" to be as opportunistic as those of a "Harry Potter" sequel.
The writer-director (Cuar?n co-wrote with his son Jon?s) avoids both traps.
En ambos casos la primera columna incluye el nombre del ion, la segunda se dedica a la concentracion dada en mg/L, en la tercera se muestra en miliequivalentes por litro, para comprobar el balance ionico y en la cuar ta se dispone la composicion centesimal en miliequivalentes para poder clasificar las aguas.
Old Irish cuaran 'shoe; sock' is a diminutive from cuar 'curved, bent, crooked', probably a cognate of Sanskrit kucati 'il se ramasse, se recroqueville' and Old Slavonic kuki-nasi 'nez crochu'.(12) The Irish adjective cuar is well known as an epithet used of people, as in the twelfth-century Book of Leinster or the life of St Colum Cille by Maghnas O Domhnaill (d.
Based on total dry matter (TDM), Cu contents (mg [kg.sup.-1]) in shoots (CuS), roots (CuR) and total (CuT), on Cu accumulation ([micro]g [plant.sup.-1]) in shoots (CuAS), roots (CuAR) and total (CuAT), on the zero dose of Cu (d0) and on the doses from 60 to 300 mg [kg.sup.-1] ([d.sub.n]), the indices of tolerance (ITOL) and translocation (ITRA) and the coefficient of impact on the relative content (CIRC) were calculated.