CUAVCommunity United Against Violence (anti-hate group; San Francisco, CA)
CUAVCollege and University Auditors of Virginia
CUAVCustom Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (open source project)
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The collection begins with a brilliant historical analysis of queer and trans organizing within the San Francisco-based Communities United Against Violence (CUAV).
In San Francisco, for example, Shawna Virago, a male-to- female transsexual activist with Community United Against Violence (CUAV), reports that law enforcement officials are not only indifferent to anti-LGBT violence but are often perpetrators of such acts.
The public alert was issued by a local agency, Community United Against Violence (CUAV), a nonprofit organization that tracks hate crimes and domestic abuse within queer communities.
Rachel Bolden-Kramer, age 16, is a member of the Community United Against Violence (CUAV) Youth Speakers Bureau and also performs in poetry slams around the country.
I doubt a homeless youth would miss on their rent-they'd really want to keep that place ye talked to young people who say "why bother getting a job if I can't get housing?" As youth services coordinator at CUAV I try to employ people who need the money the most....l try to give youth I employ the skills to become advocates.