CUAVCommunity United Against Violence (anti-hate group; San Francisco, CA)
CUAVCollege and University Auditors of Virginia
CUAVCustom Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (open source project)
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Typical of local problems, according to CUAV, was an incident in the largely gay Castro district, when a man driving a red Volkswagen sideswiped a Jeep belonging to two women.
Then, CUAV said, he got back into his car, grabbed one of the women by her hair and drove off, dragging her across an intersection.
But to groups like CUAV and fellow member organizations that make up the LGBT-specific National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP), the victim's story was all too typical of an underreported crime within LGBT circles: assault and/or robbery as a result of involuntary drugging.
It's already hard enough for a victim to prove in the legal system that a sexual assault occurred," says Tina D'Elia, hate violence survivor advocate at CUAV.
As youth services coordinator at CUAV I try to employ people who need the money the most.