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CUBCitizens Utility Board
CUBConcerned United Birthparents
CUBCompton Union Building
CUBCity Union Bank (India)
CUBCarlton and United Breweries (Australian brewery)
CUBCursor Backward
CUBCorvinus University of Budapest
CUBCentral Utility Building
CUBCarlton and United Beverages (Australia)
CUBCryptologic Unified Build
CUBCubana de Aviacion, Cuba (ICAO code)
CUBC1r/C1s, uEGF, and BMP1 (Bone Morphogenetic Protein)
CUBComité Único de Barrio (Spanish: Neighborhood Committee)
CUBCommonality Usage Board (NASA)
CUBConfederazione Unitaria de Base
CUBCommon Understanding of the Battlefield
CUBCombined Use Base
CUBCost Upper Bound (Army Maintenance)
CUBCivil Union Bill (relationship status)
CUBCommunauté Urbaine de Bordeaux (French: Urban Community of Bordeaux; Bordeaux, France)
CUBCommunauté Urbaine de Brest (French: Urban Community of Brest; Brest, France)
CUBCommander Update Brief
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Mother Wolf shook herself clear of the cubs and sprang forward, her eyes, like two green moons in the darkness, facing the blazing eyes of Shere Khan.
Mother Wolf threw herself down panting among the cubs, and Father Wolf said to her gravely:
But as soon as his cubs are old enough to stand on their feet he must bring them to the Pack Council, which is generally held once a month at full moon, in order that the other wolves may identify them.
Then the only other creature who is allowed at the Pack Council--Baloo, the sleepy brown bear who teaches the wolf cubs the Law of the Jungle: old Baloo, who can come and go where he pleases because he eats only nuts and roots and honey--rose upon his hind quarters and grunted.
Baloo has spoken, and he is our teacher for the young cubs.
He grew up with the cubs, though they, of course, were grown wolves almost before he was a child.
The cubs were out, but Mother Wolf, at the back of the cave, knew by his breathing that something was troubling her frog.
And he went to the cave where she lived with Father Wolf, and he cried on her coat, while the four cubs howled miserably.
For, listen, child of man, I loved thee more than ever I loved my cubs.
Styling for the Super Cub 50 and Super Cub 110 has been refreshed with smooth lines flowing from the leg shield to rear fender.
The images show a five-year-old lioness named "Nosikitok" suckling a leopard cub estimated to be only three weeks old.
The picture shows a five-year-old lioness breastfeeding the three-week-old leopard cub, (http://www.