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CUBECouncil of Urban Boards of Education (National School Boards Association)
CUBECisco Unified Border Element
CUBECentre for the Understanding of the Built Environment (Liverpool, UK)
CUBECommand and Control Unified Battlespace Environment
CUBECredit Union Business Environment (Fiserv software)
CUBEC2 Unified Battlespace Environment
CUBECambridge Unit for Bioscience Engineering
CUBEComputer Use by Engineers
CUBEConceptual Understanding Through Blind Evaluation
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Can a cube that does not last for any time at all, have a real existence?
Great mats of willow brush, hundreds of yards in length, were laid on top of the river-slope of the levees and held in place by steel cables and thousands of cubes of cement.
The cube itself, depending on the viewer's position in relation to it, may appear planar or volumetric, and seems to shift from stasis to apparent motion.
32 weeks-Grasps cube with one hand and then a second cube with the other.
What: Sequel to the cult film about a group of strangers mysteriously trapped in a giant series of cubes.
The fuel cube, the first product developed by Balcones' Little Rock-based Fuel Technology Division, is being sold and marketed to industrial users who operate large boilers, such as paper mills or electrical generating plants.
Apple's new line of dual-processor Power Mac G4s and the all-new Power Mac G4 Cube provide creative professionals supercomputing performance and stunning design on the desktop," said Phil Schiller, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing.
Now, catching up with Cube (real name: O'Shea Jackson) to discuss his latest movie, the neighborhood slice-of-life comedy ``Barbershop,'' first impressions certainly held up.
In one particularly comic example, a cube was dropped like an alien visitor amid the tufted sofas and porcelain figurines of Major Goodwin's nineteenth-century reception room.
The Video Cube is an expandable custom ad format that seamlessly integrates multiple media types within one ad unit; including a real-time 3D model that can be textured with multiple 2D images and streaming videos, all of which can be controlled through an interactive Flash interface.
He may be the scowling, expletive-spewing architect of hard-core rap - a man who, on his recordings, proudly proclaims that he's so ultra-cool, so ultra-suave, he's a ``pimp'' - but in person, Ice Cube is, well, nice.