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CUBESCapacity Utilization Bottleneck Efficiency System
CUBESCentre for Urban and Built Environment Studies (South Africa)
CUBESCoupon Under Book-Entry Safekeeping (US Treasury)
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Can a cube that does not last for any time at all, have a real existence?
Do you know that they talk of putting in over his head that solid lump of foolishness, that cube of idiocy, Baudoyer?
1-litre carton of Tropicana Orange juice 25 SUGAR CUBES (100G)
While in his earlier work (the exhibition included two examples from 1967) Bell used clear glass and chrome strips to seal the edges of his cubes, today he usually employs lightly tinted glass and UV curing cement.
18 months-Builds a tower of 3 cubes (vertical array).
CUBE'' WAS A COOL if awfully flawed 1997 independent film from Canada about a group of pseudo-iconic individuals who awaken to find themselves trapped inside a Rubik's Cube on PCP - the trick was to figure it out from the inside, rather than from the outside.
Material is shredded to a consistent size and then placed in a "cuber," or extrusion machine, where fuel cubes are extruded under pressure.
Even before arriving at the explanatory gallery of models and drawings, visitors to the Atheneum would have stumbled on forty-inch cubes inexplicably plopped into rooms of American and Old Master pictures.
The 67-inch and upcoming 50-inch MegaView(TM) wall cubes display 500 and 900 cd/m2 brightness, respectively, with a 1600:1 contrast ratio and are equipped with other features found only in Mitsubishi cubes, including:
Winning Moves Games will launch a 25th Anniversary Edition Rubik's(R) Cube based on the classic 3x3 Cube at the American International Toy Fair, February 20-23 at the Javits Center (booth #2063) in New York City.