CUBPCoincidental Unavoidable By-Product (EPA)
CUBPCesky Urad Bezpecnosti Prace (Slovak: Czech Office for Safety; Prague, Czech Republic)
CUBPCommunities United for Better Policing (Oregon)
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Towards the end of 1970s, Tanner and associates modified the previous histochemical studies on ICC (23), and reported an increase of Orcein +ve stainable hepatic Copper binding protein (CuBP) (24).
The Delhi group undertook in 1981, a histochemical study on a large and wide range of cases of ICC, their asymptomatic and non-diseased siblings and matched controls, and noted that, unlike regular ICC patients, some of the "siblings" had only mild to moderate increase of hepatic Cu and CuBP. The defective copper homeostasis was not accompanied by any significant organelle damage and seemed to be spontaneously corrected (27).
In the entire series of 748 cases, Cu and CuBP were positive histologically in 91.4 per cent of definitive ICC (with Mallory's hyaline), 24 per cent of probable ICC (without Mallory's hyaline) and 25 per cent of mixed 'micro-macro nodular cirrhosis'.