CUBRCCalspan-University of Buffalo Research Center (Buffalo, NY)
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Tetraphase and CUBRC are proud to play an important role in addressing the global concerns of bioterrorism and antibiotic resistance via the development of potential solutions to these growing threats to human health.
Tetraphase and CUBRC share NIAID's commitment to addressing the global concerns of bioterrorism and antibiotic resistance.
Under the contract, Akonni and CUBRC will design, manufacture, and test prototype systems to automatically extract nucleic acid and protein from a single source sample.
We are very excited to be collaborating with CUBRC and the U.
The professionals at CUBRC apply innovative research, rigorous testing and robust engineering to deliver cutting edge science and technology solutions allied to best-in-class business practices resulting in high quality, responsiveness and customer satisfaction.
The unique and necessary ground and flight equipment for this training is currently available to CUBRC.
By availing the combined resources of Calspan Corporation and the Research Foundation of SUNY at Buffalo, CUBRC will continue to compete for research funds and programs that might not be available to the University or our company separately," Pleban said.
CUBRC is an independent, not-for-profit corporation jointly formed by Veridian and the State University of New York at Buffalo.