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CUCCuban Convertible Peso (ISO currency code)
CUCCommunication University of China
CUCClaremont University Consortium (California)
CUCCanadian Unitarian Council
CUCColumbia Union College (Takoma Park, MD, USA)
CUCCanadian University College (College Heights, Alberta, Canada)
CUCCaribbean Utilities Company
CUCCanadian Ultimate Championships
CUCCommonwealth Utilities Corporation
CUCComité de Unidad Campesina (Spanish: Committee for Campesino Unity, Guatemala)
CUCCommittee of University Chairmen
CUCChronic Ulcerative Colitis
CUCContrat d'Union Civile (French: civil union contract)
CUCChassis Usage Charge (aka Chassis Utilization Charge; shipping)
CUCComité de Unidad Campesina de Guatemala (Spanish: Peasant Unity Committee of Guatemala)
CUCConseil pour l'Unité Canadienne (Council for Canadian Unity)
CUCCentral Unitarian Church (Paramus, NJ)
CUCCe? Unde? Cand? (Romanian: What? Where? When?; TV game; Moldova)
CUCCucuta, Colombia - Camilo Daza (Airport Code)
CUCCCSDS Unsegmented Time Code
CUCConcordia University Chicago
CUCCentre UNESCO de Catalunya
CUCComputer Usage Control (NASA)
CUCCayman Utility Company
CUCCommercial Utility Consultants, Inc (West Chester PA)
CUCChassis Utilization Charge (aka Chassis Usage Charge; shipping)
CUCCentral Utility Complex
CUCCommon User Contract(or)
CUCCredit Union Consultants, Inc (Centerville, OH)
CUCCommand Upconverter (satellite communications)
CUCCoopérative Université Club (French: Cooperative University Club)
CUCCommunauté Urbaine de Cherbourg (French: Urban Community of Cherbourg; Cherbourg-Octeville, France)
CUCClermont Université Club (French: Clermont University Club; Clermont-Ferrand, France)
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The CUC director said that his varsity was eager to explore student exchange programmes to raise the standard of education in both countries.
Khodadadi Dehkordi [15] reported that with increase of nozzle-working pressure from 30 m to 50 m, CUC increased and the square layout had the most CUC and rectangle layout had the least of it.
The CUC was established in Cuba in 1994 when then President Fidel Castro tried to stabilize the domestic currency amid the crisis arising from the collapse of the Eastern European socialist bloc and the lack of inputs after the end of three decades of multimillion-dollar Soviet aid that assured the island fuel, machinery, and desirable items, from food to books and magazines.
In a country where almost the entire economy is in state hands and prices are fixed, companies must exchange dollars and CUCs with the government at the official one-to-one exchange rate, while the CUC is valued at 25 pesos at exchange offices.
CUC embraces all, without distinction of race, class, gender, sexual orientation or creed, and visitors are always welcome.
North Liverpool Academy has secured funding to establish centres of excellence for both and, really interestingly, is locating both schools at one site in the CUC which sits on the edge of my former ward and the place I was born and raised.
A metodologia para avaliacao da uniformidade de irrigacao foi baseada nos indices CUC (Christiansen, 1942) e CUD (Criddle et al.
Tickets for the CUC show are priced pounds 30-pounds 48.
Martineau Johnson already has strong links with China through a cooperation agreement with CUC Ventures and membership of international network of legal firms, Multilaw.
As mentioned in the last report, in 2001 the CUC submitted to the member churches for consideration a model of ministry for a united church, with proposals for ordination and oversight based on an episcopal model (though they spoke of "personal overseers" rather than bishops).
During the read/write test, both systems reached their saturation point at eight CUC, at which point the server running the Solaris 10 OS was 30 percent faster.
During the read/write test both systems reached their saturation point at eight CUC, at which point the server running the Solaris 10 OS was 30% faster.