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"I am delighted that the new CUC is up and running and is ready to supply electricity, desalinated water, firefighting water and cold water to the new passenger terminal building," said Mr Ahmed.
The CUC, basically equal in value to the dollar, was introduced by then-President Fidel Castro (prime minister 1959-76, president 1976-2008) in 1994 to create a stable currency and was initially used by foreign tourists.
Siaya Deputy Governor James Okumbe, while attending the CUC meetings, asked the Judiciary to introduce mobile courts in Rarieda and Gem constituencies.
This was stated by the CUC Director Liang Yan while exchanging views with the NUML Director General Brigadier (retired) Muhammad Ibrahim in a meeting during his visit to NUML along with delegates on Monday.
Direct CUC said that his varsity eager in student exchange programs to raise the standard of education in both countries.
CUC intends to design, build, own and operate the facility for the supply of utilities to Oman Oil Company affiliatres' investments in the economic zone.
Khodadadi Dehkordi [15] reported that with increase of nozzle-working pressure from 30 m to 50 m, CUC increased and the square layout had the most CUC and rectangle layout had the least of it.
Christopher's, the goal of the CUC is to utilize a three-pronged approach to decrease health disparities by:
A strategic partner within a strategic project is bringing great innovation and prosperous initiatives for both partners." He further added "The establishment of the CUC will provide further and timely support to the Duqm Oil Refinery with respect to all its utility needs, as well as enhancing the value proposition of the Duqm-investment product to the industrial sector at large, including petrochemical and mineral processing.The joint venture will introduce a new utilities concept to Oman by operating a one-stop-shop for all utilities to greatly enhance and assist the industries in Duqm.
Cuban state-run money exchanges now change 25 local pesos for one CUC. Many stores and hotels do business only in CUC, though most workers receive their wages in the form of relatively worthless local pesos.