CUCFCentral Utah Correctional Facility (est. 1990; Gunnison, UT)
CUCFCredit Union Central Falls (Rhode Island)
CUCFCentral UV (Ultra Violet) Calibration Facility (est. 1997)
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The trial court granted summary judgment in favor of CUCF. In affirming the ruling of the trial court, the Rhode Island Supreme Court noted that, although "Groff's actions strongly suggest fraudulent misrepresentation, CUCF did not allege fraud or deceit in its complaint." (26) As a result, the court noted that it would be required to "adopt a theory of attorney liability to nonclients novel to this jurisdiction" in order to find Groff liable to CUCF.
The court concluded Groff's legal services were intended to benefit CUCF. The transactions were "for the direct purpose of providing CUCF with a first secured mortgage, thereby inducing CUCF to disburse the refinancing loan funds to his clients." (34) The court also found Groff "had direct and extensive communication with CUCF, and he received explicit instructions from CUCF." (35) Given these facts, the court held that CUCF, "if not a client [of Groff's], was at the very least an intended beneficiary of the contractual obligations between Mr.
The filter functions were not determined at the Intercomparison or at the CUCF and possibly the filter transmittances for these channels have changed since their measurement.