CUCRHCombined Universities Centre for Rural Health (Geraldton, UK)
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Therapy facilitators may be co-located with therapists or, particularly in rural settings, live and work at a distance from the supervising therapists (DSC & CUCRH 2003; Goodale et al.
A report on The Rural Western Australian (WA) Therapy Assistant Project (DSC & CUCRH 2003) identified that therapy facilitators were employed in both discipline-specific and cross-disciplinary roles; had variable formal training with on-the-job training being the norm; reported wide variation in role descriptions; received low wages; and lacked a career structure.
The team has successfully completed the first year of the project which has involved in Phase one extensive mapping of the current pre-service teacher education curriculum in the four partner universities as well as conducting a thorough investigation of an exemplar model of a combined university initiative within the health sector (CUCRH).