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CUDACompute Unified Device Architecture (Nvidia)
CUDACompute Unified Device Architecture
CUDACredit Union Development Association (Dublin, Ireland)
CUDACredit Union Director Achievement
CUDACamillus Ultra Design Advantage (knife)
CUDACompositores Unidos de Argentina (Spanish: United Composers of Argentina)
CUDACapacitive Unit Discharge ASIC (Apple Computers)
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8] ***, Nvidia CUDA Compute Unified Device Architecture - Programming Guide, Version 6.
Our experience with the previous generation CUDA development kit has already enabled us to make great progress training robots to interact more intelligently with their environment.
Currently CUDA is restricted to NVIDIA hardware only, however with the this opening of the CUDA platform it could be used for other architectures, such as those by Intal and AMD.
An NVIDIA GPU is for more than just games," said Sanford Russell, general manager of the CUDA group at NVIDIA.
GPUs represent a paradigm shift in High Performance Computing and Wipro is excited to form a CUDA team to enable solutions to customers in markets such as Oil & Gas, Health & Life Sciences, Financial Services and Media & Communication," said V R Venkatesh, senior vice president, Product Engineering Services, Wipro Technologies.
The organizer of this meetup is Taras Shpot, one of ELEKS' brightest CUDA and C++ specialists.
CUDA enables developers to specify how tasks are decomposed in order to be processed by many parallel threads and how are these tasks executed by the GPU [2].
Nvidia GPU Technology Conference 2010: Fermi successor, CUDA x86 & Tegra 4 announced
Certain statements in this press release including, but not limited to, statements as to: the benefits, features, impact, performance and capabilities of OpenCL on the NVIDIA CUDA architecture; are forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause results to be materially different than expectations.
Together, NVIDIA and the University of Utah will continue this industry-changing work and deliver technologies that harness the processing power of the GPU (graphics processing units) and the award-winning CUDA programming environment.
Universities wishing to become CUDA Centers of Excellence must teach a CUDA(TM) class and use CUDA technology in their research, usually across several labs.
Programming may not necessarily be required, as some CUDA accelerated applications are appearing, such as nanoscale molecular dynamics (NAMD) and visual molecular dynamics (VMD).