CUDASCarotid Ultrasound Disease Assessment Study
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Twenty feet from the boat, the lure disappears in an explosion of water, and the cuda is on.
David yells for me to grab a rod, but the cuda disappears before I snap out of my trance.
One boat had a 5-foot cuda jump clear across the bow, ripping the pant leg of a startled angler with its razor-sharp teeth, then continuing on its way.
The Plymouth version came in two strengths: regular Barracudas with basic six-cylinder and small-displacement V-8 engines; and performance-oriented 'Cuda models that featured "big block" 383-cubic-inch, 440-c.i.
Cashing in on Gurney's obvious notoriety, the model was labeled the AAR 'Cuda. The street cars came with Chrysler Corp.'s 340 V-8 fitted with three, two-barrel carburetors.
To visually distinguish an AAR 'Cuda from the rest of the school, an attractive broken-line "strobe" stripe ran along the sides, concluding with Gurney's AAR logo displayed on the rear quarter panels.
The '71 'Cuda depicted in our main story also served as the primary reference during the restoration of owner Ed Belfour's other car: a one-of-five '71 'Cuda 440 Six-Barrel/ four-speed convertible (12 more Six-Barrel convertibles were built with the automatic transmission).
The genotype distribution of +8855 T>A differs significantly from that expected by HWE, with fewer heterozygotes observed than expected in both CUDAS and CUPID (Table 2).
As shown in Table 2, there were no significant differences in allele frequency between CUDAS and CUPID.
There were no consistent single SNP associations with IL-18 concentrations across both studies (Table 3), and none of the SNPs explained substantial proportions of the variance in IL-18 concentrations in either study (CUDAS: all SNPs <0.9%; CUPID: all SNPs <1.2%).