CUDOColor Universal Design Organization (Japan)
CuDoCustomer Documentation (technical writing)
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Cudo initially purchased an Oasys automated playout solution for its first HD service, Mediacan, after specifying a solution that provided "superior performance and reliability", and the ability to work with the existing SD playout system.
Cudo restored the old school, adding a state-of-the-art 250-seat theatre to the building.
Cudo said the machines were used on almost 200 road crossings or driveways, two railroad lines, and several creeks and streams, one of which was 250-ft wide.
Partnering with BigBand Networks for the Keumkang Cable project offered Cudo Communications the best video solution to the demanding requirements of Keumkang Cable Networks," said Mr.
CUDOS Capital AG is a part of Cudos Group, a hands-on investment company aimed at achieving outstanding returns to entrepreneurial investors by creating lasting value through growth and profitability.
The conventional CUDOS takes less than 3 minutes to complete and about 15 seconds to score.
Over the decades, towing in has earned big cudos for propelling surfing into previously unimaginable realms, but it's still for a privileged few.
It is quite a cudos," the Telegraph quoted him as saying.
Cudos to Lucia and her team in organizing an event which will capture national and regional attention.
But her heart is broken after an affair with wannabe singer Tommy who goes on to become a huge teen star, claiming the cudos for all the songs they wrote together.
As for Hereford, they have the cudos of heaping embarrassment on Wise as well securing a home tie with Hartlepool.