CUDOColor Universal Design Organization (Japan)
CuDoCustomer Documentation (technical writing)
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Cudo initially purchased an Oasys automated playout solution for its first HD service, Mediacan, after specifying a solution that provided "superior performance and reliability", and the ability to work with the existing SD playout system.
Cudo restored the old school, adding a state-of-the-art 250-seat theatre to the building.
Cudo said the machines were used on almost 200 road crossings or driveways, two railroad lines, and several creeks and streams, one of which was 250-ft wide.
Keumkang purchased the equipment through BigBand's Korean partner, Cudo Communications.
Moritz Merkelin of CUDOS, who was co-lead author of the research paper on the topic along with Stiller, said in the statement: "For this to become a commercial reality, photonic data on the chip needs to be slowed down so that they can be processed, routed, stored and accessed.
I also suspect these are going to appear outside Premiership football clubs in reasonable numbers, combining the, probably never to be tested, go anywhere road dominating ability of the Range Rover with the cudos of that flying B badge.
Dr Ammira Akil speaks at the opening ceremony of Cudos 2017.
Maldonado Cid P, Sendagorta Cudos E, Noguera Morel L, Beato Merino MJ.
Dispersion parameters as well as the modal field were calculated by using CUDOS MOF Utilities [21] that simulate PCF with multipole method [22, 23].
Cordova E, Boschi A, Ambrosioni J, Cudos C, Corti M.
This building, the Odeon, the Opera House, Wrights and many more such edifices were real treasures that could have gained us some cudos as a cultural place worthy of promoting to city status.
After consultation with the psychiatrist, each participant also completed the conventional paper-and-pencil version of CUDOS.