CUEACatholic University of Eastern Africa (Nairobi, Kenya)
CUEACalifornia Utilities Emergency Association
CUEACapistrano Unified Education Association (Aliso Viejo, CA)
CUEACoastal Upwelling Ecosystems Analysis
CUEACambridge University Engineers Association
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He is currently a Senior Lecturer and the Dean of the Faculty of Education at CUEA.
La serie de datos analizados en esta revision corresponde al periodo 1964 y 1978, obtenidos en cruceros bio-oceanograficos periodicos nacionales asociados con el estudio del fenomeno del Nino (EUREKA Y EBCCEN) y con cruceros del programa CUEA.
Experimentos realizados durante los cruceros CUEA (1976-77), sobre consumo y regeneracion de silicatos, muestran que la regeneracion de este nutriente en las capas superficiales es minima, siendo el primer nutriente que se agota, pudiendo ser limitantes para el fitoplancton (Nelson et al.
CUEA has successfully fought teacher layoffs but has been unable stop Edison from firing 15 technical support staffers and more than 100 paraeducators--or from gutting middle school career, industrial arts, and home economics programs.
In the face of indiscipline and the "hardships of where these children come from," an amazing number of Chester Upland teachers "still come to work each day and spend their own money on the kids," stresses the CUEA president.
The Person: In Search of a Common Denominator; Proceedings of the 2nd CUEA International Symposium (Nairobi: Catholic University of East Africa, forthcoming).
But today, CUEA members are waging a community-wide campaign to end the annual Edison contract because state scores--ESEA's quality gauge--in the nine Edison-run schools actually declined from October 2001 to April 2002.
Under Edison management, "we believe that the environment for teaching and learning has deteriorated," says CUEA President Gloria Zoranksi.