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CUESCredit Union Executive Society
CUESCredit Union Empowerment and Strengthening (Philippines)
CUESCenter for Underrepresented Engineering Students (University of California; Berkeley, CA)
CUESCambridge University Engineering Society
CUESCenter for Urban Ecology and Sustainability (University of Minnesota)
CUESCommon User Equipment Site
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Gertrude made him a little bow, and idly knocked the balls about with her cue.
Perhaps I had better say no more, Gertrude, by turning away to put up her cue, signified that that was a point for him to consider; she not intending to trouble herself about it.
That is your cue to leap over the side as quick as you can move, for at that precise moment this spanking craft is going to capsize.
Young Hawley, an accomplished billiard-player, brought a cool fresh hand to the cue.
At about half-past ten that evening, Granet suddenly threw down his cue in the middle of a game of billiards, and stood, for a moment, in a listening attitude.
Daughtry demanded, as they drew near--this the cue he had trained Michael to know.
Our cue at last," cried Valentin, waving his stick; "the place with the broken window.
When her master was departed, Mrs Deborah stood silent, expecting her cue from Miss Bridget; for as to what had past before her master, the prudent housekeeper by no means relied upon it, as she had often known the sentiments of the lady in her brother's absence to differ greatly from those which she had expressed in his presence.
To use a cue at billiards well is like using a pencil, or a German flute, or a small-sword--you cannot master any one of these implements at first, and it is only by repeated study and perseverance, joined to a natural taste, that a man can excel in the handling of either.
The cue was still in my hand, and I went on knocking the balls about, to take off the awkwardness of the thing.
She gave me the like cue to the next house, naming another name that was also an acquaintance of the gentlewoman of the house.
Childers, sauntering about the market-place in a pair of slippers, had his cue, and Mr.