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CUESCredit Union Executive Society
CUESCode for Unalerted Encounters at Sea (safety)
CUESCredit Union Empowerment and Strengthening (Philippines)
CUESCenter for Underrepresented Engineering Students (University of California; Berkeley, CA)
CUESCambridge University Engineering Society
CUESCenter for Urban Ecology and Sustainability (University of Minnesota)
CUESCommon User Equipment Site
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Perhaps I had better say no more, Gertrude, by turning away to put up her cue, signified that that was a point for him to consider; she not intending to trouble herself about it.
The leading lady had at length mastered that cue, and gave it out with bell-like clearness.
Does your dog understand what behavior you wish her to perform when you use verbal cues alone, with absolutely no hand gestures or suggestive body language?
The CUES is an agreement signed by 21 nations in 2014 in order to maintain peaceful communications between navies to avoid unnecessary conflict at sea.
Several studies have shown aquatic prey spatially avoid chemical cues produced during predation events (e.g., Relyea and Werner, 1999; Turner and Montgomery, 2003; Friesen and Chivers, 2006; Wisenden, 2008) and aquatic predators may use predation event cues to forage (e.g., Lonnstedt and McCormick, 2015).
There is also no shortage of academic theory and research on deception cues. Several academic theories in psychology and communication specify that, at least under certain conditions, deception is detectable based on the observation of nonverbal behavior.
Martinez, "Listenmee[R] and Listenmee[R] smartphone application: synchronizing walking to rhythmic auditory cues to improve gait in Parkinson's disease," Human Movement Science, vol.
It has been reported that people with specific personality traits showed obvious attentional bias to threat cues. For example, people who are highly narcissistic demonstrated a processing bias toward negative information and showed great sensitivity to threat cues while reacting intensively to both social cues and cues that were not related to social interactions (Zhang, Liu, Xie, & Li, 2015).
Multisensor cross cueing technology is put forward and developed to solve the problem of dynamic management of sensors, meaning that when sensors carry out tasks together, they can cue with each other, and the cued sensors can get the information about targets directly to get further information about targets [1-3].
The original suit, filed July 6 in Iowa District Court by the Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based BVS Performance Solutions, alleged CUES dodged obligations to perform certain marketing activities under a deal dating back to 2011.
Alongside custom pool table felt, balls, and other accessories, CueSight will be offering premium quality cues that are laser engraved and then hand-colored.