CUFTCubic Feet
CUFTCubic Feet (shipping and packing)
CUFTColegio Universitario Fermin Toro (Spanish: Fermin Bull College; est. 1975; Venezuela)
CUFTChildren of the Universe Foundation
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Luggage capacity: 34-1330 litres (12-47 cuft) Fuel capacity: 60 litres (13 gallons) Fuel consumption: 36mpg Max speed: 127 mph 0-60mph: 9.1 seconds Warranty: 3 years/60,000 miles, 12 years anti-rust and 3 years paint Emissions g/km: 188 Plus points: Equipment, build quality, economy, comfort Minus Points: Visibility, performance, noise, handling
Output on Touat is expected to reach 155bn cuft of gas a year.
Most significant among these were the large flotation cells, 300 to 500 cuft, introduced in the early 1970s.
This option comes standard with all new Curb King 12 CuFt mixers with the plastic barrel bottom.
Barquisimeto: CUFT. En: publicaciones/barquisimeto/ Umbral/revistas/rev15/ docIV15.pdf; consulta: 20/02/2009.
The Hotpack range includes environmental chambers in various sizes, from 8 to 72 cuft, in both single- and dual-chamber models, as well as walk-in rooms for large-capacity testing.
48,6% Cuft. Ornamental 31,0% Otros Cultivos 16,7% Cult.
This meant that a 131ft (40m) high building with a volume of around 42.3 million cuft ([1.2m.sup.3]) was the best option.