CUFTACanada-US Free Trade Agreement
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Further, its rights against the debtor under CUFTA did not entail any right to payment.
First, I examine the domestic and international context of labour activism during the period between CUFTA and NAFTA.
(22) Despite the CUFTA and the NAFTA, the goal of a single North American market for goods and services was not realized due in part to regulatory mismatches.
Calzonetti (1991), Hayter and Holmes (1999), McConnell and MacPherson (1991), Melvin (1988) and Warf and Cox (1990)), but these articles consider the effects of the CUFTA and/or the NAFTA on regions, cities, and/or specific industries.
North of the border, largely as a result of CUFTA and NAFTA, Canada has seen a significant decline in average per capita income, with wages failing to keep pace with rising productivity.
Yet, as one analyst suggested, the fact that the CUFTA mechanism of labour mobility was extended to Mexico was "revolutionary" insofar as Mexico's had "little in the way of an immigration 'system'" (Papademetriou 2003, 41).
For Canadians, the debate about whether to include water in the CUFTA, and later in the NAFTA, was an acrimonious and emotional one.
A second contention was that the issuance of title violated CUFTA. The Court holds that "[a] a transfer is not fraudulent under CUFTA where an asset is acquired for a 'reasonably equivalent value' through a 'regularly conducted, non-collusive sale, foreclosing on assets subject to a lien.'" Colo.
Free Trade Agreement (CUFTA) by the Canadian government of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney; and the decision to negotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by the administration of President Carlos Salinas in Mexico.
Free Trade Agreement (CUFTA), the two countries were already the world's largest trading partners.