CUIACredit Union Industry Association (Australia)
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CUIA is focused on insurance activities, while CUFN specializes in investment and estate planning solutions.
2) Chimarrao e uma bebida tipica do sul do Brasil, uma especie de cha quente servido num recipiente especifico para esse fim, conhecido como cuia.
Looking ahead, CUIA plans to move into California, Washington, Virginia and the Midwest and expand even more in North Carolina.
Still, opportunities have arisen for CUIA because of systems problems at some vendors, Harris said.
When CUIA was created, 200 units were made available.
Meanwhile, a little over a year since its launch, CUIA is slightly behind its revenue goals, in part because the CUSO insurance brokerage is going into uncharted territory and new entities tend to build slowly the first year out, Harris said.