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CUICConventional User Identity Confidentiality
CUICChurches Uniting in Christ
CUICCornell University Insect Collection (Ithaca, NY)
CUICCalifornia Unemployment Insurance Code
CUICCredit Union Institute of Canada
CUICCambridge University Investment Club (Cambridge, England, UK)
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I would make one remark to American colleagues whose churches are members of Churches Uniting in Christ (CUIC); I believe that TCTCV can assist these churches to move to a new place and to live into the "eight marks of commitment," which are also expressions of koinonia.
Since no changes were made to Division 6, Withholding Tax on Wages, of the CUIC, Sec.
The CUIC is a vendor-neutral, multi-hypervisor and multi-cloud provisioning and management solution that provides virtual infrastructure control, management and monitoring via single pane of glass.
Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity, Colorado State University, CUIC, Cornell University Insect Collection, Ithaca, NY, JE, Personal Collection of Jane Earle.
The initial lengthy explanation of his tradition of forcing all visiting knights to do battle alludes first to Maduc's original bliss with the Pucele--"Si ne cuic que nus ait ame / Pucele tant conje l'ai amee" (1240-41) ["I don't believe that anyone has ever loved a maiden as much as I loved her"]--and then to the spurned suitor's feelings for Gauvain: "Sine he nule creature / Corn faic cel Gauvain queje di" (1420-21) ["And I hate no one as much as I hate Gauvain"].
Aires had a contractual duty to give notice to CUIC "as soon as practicable of any occurrence or an offense that may result in a claim." Notice provisions such as the one at issue in this case are intended to ensure that the insurer will not be prejudiced in its ability to investigate and defend claims against its insureds....
39 Cao Van Luong, Cong nhan mien Nam Viet-Nam trong cuic khang chien chong My cuu nuoc, 1954-1975 [The workers of South Vietnam in the resistance against the Americans to save the country] (Hanoi: NXB Khoa-Hoc Xa-Hoi, 1977); Cao Van Luong, "Tim hieu ve hop tac hoa nong nghiep o cac tinh Nam Bo" [Research on the collectivization of the southern provinces], Nghien Cuu Lich Su 210 (5-6/1983): 12-23; Cao Van Luong, Lich su cach mang mien Nam Viet-Nam.
COCU later became the Churches Uniting in Christ (CUIC) in 2002, which to date has eleven covenanting denominations, one of which is "a partner in mission and dialogue."
A property owner typically is not required to have a contractor's license, so the workers may not be statutory employees under CUIC Secs.