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CUKCoated Unbleached Kraft (printing and boxmaking paper)
CUKConservatoires UK
CUKConsumers Union of Korea (est. 1970; Seoul, South Korea)
CUKContralateral Unobstructed Kidney
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Membership of a CUK alliance is from civil society groups, such as trade unions, student organisations, faith, refugee and residents' groups.
The Group of 7 entered into a contract with CUK to fund the first phase of building what is temporarily called Tyne Citizens.
So, in January 2015, again through the columns of The Journal, we are moving our campaign on a stage, by asking civil society groups in the Tyne area to get in touch with CUK, with the aim of establishing a citizens' alliance here.
The biggest conundrum was why CUK was doing so much better in the off-trade than on-trade, boasting almost twice the market share, at 17%-18% versus 9%, when, of its 1,800-strong workforce, just 400 were dedicated to off-trade.
If Sheps has not been very vocal when it comes to such issues, preferring to leave the big pronouncements to the likes of Drinkaware and the BBPA, that's because he'd rather focus on the task in hand: driving growth at CUK.
CUK has already launched ladies' spritzer Eve into the on-trade and Sheps hopes to be able to "talk more" about an off-trade rollout in the autumn.
Career: Prior to CUK, Sheps was CEO of Carlsberg South East Europe.
It should be noted from the outset that, while other indices of legal CBI have arguably received at least as much attention as CUK and GMT,(6) the initial focus here is only on these two indices mainly because they are built upon an extensive range of detailed criteria (15 in the case of GMT, 16 for CUK).
8) (i) refining the definition of some characteristics, in order for all of them to be expressible on a binary scale (Yes/No) and in order for those which are common to both indices to be directly comparable; (ii) normalising on a [0; 1] scale the value attributed by the original studies to each variable,(9) and (iii) where necessary, correcting values given by GMT and completing values missing in CUK using the data set available in the [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 1 OMITTED] [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 1A OMITTED] Appendices of the original studies.
With the help of the supplementary indices computed above, each of these spreads can now be individually considered, and a tentative quantification of their value in the case of CUK and GMT can be offered.
Having identified nine criteria included in both CUK and GMT, and having converted to a common scale the values attributed by each study to those criteria (see Tables 1 and 2), it is now fairly straightforward to measure how strongly the authors of the two indices disagree in the criteria-valuation stage, i.