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Alex Hyde-White (who starred in 1980s comic book adventure Biggles) stepped into the blue and white cloth costume of Reed Richards, with Jay Underwood as the Human Torch, Michael Bailey Smith as Ben Grimm and Rebecca Staab as Invisible Girl Sue Storm, while Joseph Culb donned the garb of arch foe Dr Doom.
Merseyside Galvanizing, part of Wedge Group Galvanizing, has been part of the action down at the Everton Football Culb's ground in Liverpool by galvanizing the 1 Oft gates which enclose the statue of the Club's footablling hero William Ralph Dean.
Culb. & C.F, Culb.--9: EA, ES & RA (MACB 102180), ELS (SANT 11649), MV & VJR (MAF-Lich 16814), VA (VAL-Lich 27527), Ps; 10: BM (SALA-L 5012), EA, ES & RA (MACB 102104, 102105), ELL (BCN-Lich 17560, 17564, 17575), MR (MA-Lich 164 0 6), SM (MA-Lich 16340), VA (VAL-Lich 27534), Ps, Qp, Rcc.
The K-Club has beaten off stiff competition from world-famous courses such as Druids Glen and The European Culb in Co Wicklow, Portmarnock near Dublin and Ballybunion and Waterville in Kerry.
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