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E din ce in ce mai greu [de cules is from that in that more difficult of gathered-SUP porumbul.] maize-the `It is more and more difficult to gather maize.'
It was one thing to admire Curse of the Demon or Her cules Conquers Atlantis or The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond, and quite another thing to find language adequate to explaining such admiration.
Angels are deprived of their innocence in this world: an archangel is dirty with soot ("Soot"), and "angels are stoned" before a "new species of prey-birds" is decreed ("Dovezi/Beweise"); it is a world where angels drop like ripe fruit ("La Cules ingeri / EngelErnte") and where their only fault is their fatigue ("Cadere / Fall").
Los Cules are on course to secure a second successive
Farmer Philip Johnston, from Cules, was convicted in 2007 over two charges of breaching waste legislation.
NICKNAME: Los Cules. The "bare backsides" tag came from the days when Barca fans' rear ends would hang off the top tier of the old stadium.
Despite the laboured performance, Los Cules took three points