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That afternoon and evening Culf and three intrepid Mount Allison third year students, Laura Bussey, Kristal Guckert, and Alison Hakkert, journeyed to Amherst, NS to a shopping mall for a public display of information and more chemistry demonstrations.
In the evening, Kong accompanied faculty members Culf and Andrew Grant, MCIC to the campus radio station where Karl Vernes, a postdoctorate from Darwin, Australia, was hosting his weekly Wednesday evening Science Show.
Culf and Hoogendoorm again took the stage with chemical demonstrations including the reactions of alkali metals with water, a demonstration missing from the present day high school curriculum.
While the United Kingdom refrains from sending children on active duty to Northern Ireland, it did send young recruits to participate in the Falklands/Malvinas conflict and in the recent Persian Culf War, where soldiers under 18 were killed.
Culf and Gash [9] in considering a sinusoidal variation between wet and dry season showed that the leading coefficients of [LW.sub.d] regression model were different.
GENERAL MILLS UK 01895 201 100 part of the world's 6th largest food company, has appointed Ed Culf to the role of Commercial Director for the company's new combined dough business.
Managing the newly integrated Jus-Rol and Saxby's pastry businesses, Culf will be responsible for the sales and marketing functions for both brands and will be based at General Mills UK's headquarters in Uxbridge, Middlesex.
Culf says: "By acquiring Saxby's, we have added the leading chilled pastry business to our market-leading Jus-Rol frozen pastry offer, meaning we are in the best position possible to develop and grow the pastry market in the UK.
I took the huge greaseproof pack from my brown paper carrier bag and opened it to reveal two great culfs of bread - that if dropped would have broken my toe - filled with thick uneven slabs of cheese, two tomatoes and a huge wedge of home-made fruit cake that would have satisfied at least a couple of buck navvies.
Our al fresco fare was always the same - jam sandwiches cut in thick "culfs" and a flagon of pop made from sherbet added to water and then shaken.
Not for Mary the paper-thin bread and butter served by her sister but great culfs of bread spread with Fussells condensed milk.