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CULPCambridge University Language Programme (UK)
CULPCaribbean University Level Programme
CULPChronic Upper Limb Pain
CULPCommand Ultrafine Lustre Paste (polishing paste)
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Culp markets mattress fabrics for bedding and upholstery fabrics for residential and commercial furniture, which includes fabrics produced at its manufacturing facilities and fabrics sourced through other suppliers.
Culp has operations located in the United States, Canada, China and Haiti.
When you stop learning, then you just kind of sit still and kind of maintain where you're at, and that's when you get into trouble," Culp said.
The 12 members of the class of 2015 include Clowa Bingham-Doe, Aspyn Carr, Jia Charley, Gage Corrigan, Alix Culp, Mindy Curington, Mathew James, Bryce Lindsey, Alexis Moore, Azaley Ramsdal, Austin Smith and Natasha Stevenson.
When we took over operations for the outpatient clinic in Mountain Home, we had to ensure that the folks being served there could get to Boise for their appointments," says Culp.
When Ms Culp made her first public appearance in May last year, her face was bloated, her speech was hard to understand and her skin drooped in big folds.
The pair played undercover agents, with Culp in the role of tennis star Kelly Robinson and Cosby as his trainer Alexander Scott.
They said that Culp, who was missing bone support and had been unable to eat or breathe without a tube in her windpipe, could now perform functions normally.
While I know you all want to focus on me, I think it's more important you focus on the donor family that made it so I could have this Christmas present, I guess I should say," Connie Culp of Ohio said at a press conference at the Cleveland Clinic, where a team of surgeons performed the surgery five months ago.
Culp said at the annual meeting of the American Urological Association.
Culp said sales in the upholstery fabrics segment dropped 18.