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CULPRiTCMOS Ultra-Low Power Radiation Tolerant
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As the chief slowly uttered these words, pausing impressively between each sentence, the culprit raised his face, in deference to the other's rank and years.
The air was filled with simultaneous cries of "To the fire!" "To the death!" "To the halter!" "To the stake!" "Vive Colbert!" "Vive le roi!" The group which had forced the culprits from the hands of the archers had drawn close to the house, which appeared to be the goal towards which they dragged them.
Menneville and his men, who were dragging along the culprits, were within ten paces of the door.
The archers were dragging the culprits to the gibbets.
The bands of the culprits were then removed, and they lost no time in taking their departure, still under the influence of abject terror, and scarcely crediting their senses that they had escaped the merited punishment of their offenses.
They informed a police party headed by ASP New Town Circle carried out a raid on a hideout at Tirkhian Village, Dakhli Aliot where the four culprits were taking refuge.
The investigation officer of the case informed that up till now the police department unable to nab the culprit involved in Farishta case, the sniffer dogs used in investigation also failed to give results.
The sources said the culprit's indiscriminate firing claimed two lives, father and his daughter, on the spot,adding, after committing the murder the culprit fled away.
They added that the lab reports of almost 80 per cent samples had been received but the culprits had yet to be identified.
The official pointed out that the culprit used to commit robberies in different areas.
FIR has been lodged against the culprit under Cyber Crimes Act, FIA said.