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They, he said, had always been known to the Holy Therns and were devout and faithful followers of the ancient cult. Among them would he find a perpetual haven of refuge, where no `lying heretics' might seek him out.
Far be it from me to blame them for it; has not their cult of the cretin often furnished me with an argument when I have tried to induce those who had possession of their faculties to help the unfortunate?
In these works he preached generally the cult of the woman.
The little it saw of her was in the Bois for a few hours every year, riding by the side of a man of unique distinction and of exclusive tastes, devoted to the cult of aesthetic impressions; a man of whom, as far as aspect, manner, and behaviour goes, she might have been the daughter.
It was a jumble of tavern and curiosity-shop; and though there was nothing there remotely suggesting the cult of the Monkey, it is, of course, possible that some of its images or talismans were in such a place.
Honours of a sort he knew could be obtained by ingenuity and the help of friends, but, to the best of his belief, nothing save work -papers representing a life of it - took a man into the Society which he had bombarded for years with monographs on strange Asiatic cults and unknown customs.
In my own diocese, the archbishop and most of the priests are either members of this cult or subscribe to its ideology They rule their parishes as their personal fiefs.
He said that the killing was not a xenophobic attack but a cult related crisis among Nigerians living in South Africa.
According to ( local media reports , Rogers' defense team told the court Monday that she and her lover were both members of "an online cult centered on aliens and the end of the world." The defense added that "the cult turned against" the couple.
These fatalities have all the makings of an imploding cult. In the case of the Burari family a son assumed authority, claimed favour of a spiritual guide (his late father) and manipulated his family members to death.
Tokyo [Japan], July 06 ( ANI ): Shoko Asahara, the leader of the doomsday cult which carried out a fatal nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway in March 1995, has been executed, Japanese officials confirmed on Friday.
"We want the cult of Faadi to not just remain, but also grow," he told this scribe.