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CULVConsumer Ultra Low Voltage (Intel)
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The new ZOTACEeA ION platforms powered by IntelEeA CULV processors include the new ZBOX HD-ND22, HD-NS21 mini-PCs, ION-ITX N series and ION-ITX P series mini-ITX platforms.
Consequently, the increasingly economical prices have prompted consumers to buy traditional, functionally complete notebook PCs instead of netbook PCs and CULV laptops.
Leading brands such as ACER, ASUS, MSI and GIGABYTE all introduce a number of CULV NB ranges.
Industry insiders analyze that economy recovery has driven telecom companies to increase procurement of mobile phones and laptops, especially netbook PCs and CULV laptops, to tap the increasing popularity of 3G communications and mobile broadband network.
For the 12" CULV platform, MSI has chosen to upsize the notebook with the new 12" Wind U200.
Since Intel launched its CULV platform last year, a couple of large-sized international notebook PC brands, such as Asus, Acer, HP and Dell, have actively released their CULV-based models, as they are quite optimistic about the market trend of lightweight, ultrathin laptops.
8mm, the 192 pixel sensor, ES603-AF, can easily be integrated into the smallest and thinnest netbooks, CULV, smartphones or other portable devices.
With excellent R&D capability, Acer last year worked out the world's first CULV (consumer ultra low voltage) platform-based laptop, Timeline, which is 2.
However, IDC Taiwan says, the netbooks will face some challenges ahead, including lower profit margins, high competitive pressure from CULV (Consumer Ultra Low Voltage) models, and telecom companies' relatively-conservative bundled-packaging promotions etc.
Due to the trend of lightweight, slim and energy saving products, Intel, the world's largest semiconductor company, who exhibits the hottest ICT trend in recent month, CULV and netbooks; one of Taiwans largest IC manufacturers, VIA Technologies is the first to develop the NANO chipset solutions, a product that can provide both HD picture quality and energy saving at the same time; Acer, the second largest notebook PC manufacturer in the world is exhibiting lightweight and energy saving NBs, netbooks, all-in-one PCs and is a proud winner of the Best Choice 2009 awards; As the company that came up with Eee PCs, Asustek is promoting netbooks that have a seashell design, 3D animation, gaming with surround sound stereo etc.