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CUMACoopératives d'Utilisation du Matériel Agricole (French: Cooperatives Using Agricultural Materials)
CUMACredit Union Managers Association (Ontario, Canada)
CUMACanadian Urban Music Awards (industry event)
CUMACanadian Urethane Manufacturers' Association (est. 1973; Ontario, Canada)
CUMACanadian Underwater Mine Apparatus (breathing)
CUMACanadian Underwater Mine Countermeasures Apparatus
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Both were in shadow and the Sybil of Cuma herself could not have read them.
And indeed all the remains of old laws which we have are very simple; for instance, a law in Cuma relative to murder.
Is kazalarinin gunlere gore dagilimi Pazartesi 50 Sali 86 Carsamba 89 Persembe 79 Cuma 107 Cumartesi 77 Pazar 39 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Onlookers said Cuma was simply "amazing", while his boss has heaped praise on the 29-year-old.
Cuma has been riding horses for a year, and she loves the jumping she has recently tried.
Hess also served on the board of directors at UniTrust Financial, CUMA and MACUMA, where he was chairman from 1980-81.
Cuma, born and raised in Thunder Bay, is partner and vice president of Labour Relations and Human Resources consulting with Legacy Bowes Group.
The following day I joined tour guide Arianna Guidone on a visit to the archaeological site in Cuma, which is a short drive from the city.
Other road construction projects under the guidance of the Roads Authority in the Kavango region include the Kaisosi to Cuma road and the Tjova to Divayi Roads.
Melvill and Standen, 1901); Murex lacera (Born, 1778); Thais lacera (Born 1778); Cuma disjuncta (Annandale, 1922); Cymia carinifera (Rao and Mukherjee, 1975); Thais (Cymia) carinifera (Ray, 1977).
Yesterday the takeaway's owner Cuma Ali Tahsin, 38, was prosecuted for seven hygiene and administrative offences.
After being questioned at a police station overnight, Cuma Yasar was taken to Bakirkoy courthouse on Thursday morning, the state-run Anatolian news agency reported.