CUMBColumbia University Marching Band
CUMBChuckling Under My Breath
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INTER BOYS (under-16, 4.9 kms): 1 A Lowe (Cleve) 17:04; 2 A Thompson (N Yorks) 17:13; 3 R Regan (Cumb) 17:17; 4 F Sproul (Cumb) 17:21; 5 C Stephenson (N Yorks) 17:23; 6 S Segger-Staveley (N Yorks) 17:40; 7 A Peel (N Yorks) 17:42; 8 C Daley (North'd) 17:47; 9 W Bellamy (Dur) 17:54; 10 J O'Brien (N Yorks) 17:56; 11 L Hudson (N Yorks) 18:03; 12 D Sanderson (Cumb) 18:04; 13 K Rabjohn (N Yorks) 18:07; 14 D Boyer (Dur) 18:11; 15 M Creasey (Cleve) 18:19; 16 B Waterfield (North'd) 18:23; 17 E McGlen (North'd) 18:24; 18 D Francis (N Yorks) 18:24; 19 S Gibson (Dur) 18:26; 20 D Race (Dur) 18:26.
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French Rivier ell's Visit to poet and scre (Resistance) tion The Can Sivell's Pemb Third Star w nedict Cumb Greenland writer-directo and David N tion between Denmark is s (previously se Clooney in U Harington (G The Greatest Saw from Mik previously fa imation show busy since.
The third and fourth properties were the Sterns (STERNS) and Cumberland (CUMB) Ranger Districts, respectively, of the 286,113 ha Daniel Boone National Forest in eastern Kentucky.
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