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The Co-operators is to soon become the sole owner of Canada-based CUMIS General Insurance Company and CUMIS Life Insurance Company, after Central 1 Credit Union withdraws its stake by the end of the month.
CUMIS provided the insurance bond policy to Alabama One in Tuscaloosa to cover loan losses.
Desjardins Group and a partnership comprised of Canada's five provincial credit union centrals (the Centrals) and The CUMIS Group have entered into a definitive agreement to merge the businesses of their subsidiaries, Credential Financial Inc., Qtrade Canada Inc.
Cumis asserted that coverage for Raguz had terminated before the inception of the 2010 Bond because board member Robert Calevich had known -- before February 2010 -- that Raguz had committed dishonest acts by repeatedly failing to disclose reportable delinquencies to the board and the NCUA.
The Signal court agreed and confirmed that the test is what is "reasonable" in the particular lawsuit: "Having accepted that multiple attorneys may serve as Cumis counsel, there does not appear to be any principled grounds for requiring as a matter of law that all of those attorneys need to be employed at the same law firm."
Then Cumis can take 25 percent of her net disposable income to apply toward the judgment.
These standards are derived from numerous sources, most notably the AICPA (see Seitz, 10; Cumis, 797).
Holzman Corkery's most recent success in this area was as counsel for Michigan First Credit Union in a January 2009 verdict against Cumis Insurance Society.
Furious bosses of millionaire DJs Gregg Hughes and Anthony Cumis decided they had gone too far after Loretta Harper, 35, and Brian Florence, 37, were caught making love in the lobby of New York's St Patrick's Cathedral - in front of a microphone.