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In one example, a VDMOS power amplifier package was initially made with a Berillium/Oxide (BeO) heat spreader (7.50 x 3.00 x 1.00 mm) on a Copper/ Molybdenum (CuMo) flange (34 x 10 x 1.60 mm).
--Minhas abeia tanto trabaiam de dia cumo de noite ...
Likewise Cumo (2010) described various transforming trends relating to social environmental and economic aspects of urban areas along with their huge impacts for sustainability which is ever growing need of this dynamic world.
This arc parallel belt includes 30 porphyry CuMo deposits and prospects with the largest amount of copper concentration in the world, totalling about 220 million tonnes of copper.
(42) Biblia latina cumo glossa ordinaria, Facsimile Reprint of the Edido Princeps Adolph Rusch of Strassburg 1480/81, Vol.