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CUMPCenter on Urban and Metropolitan Policy (Brookings Institution; now the Metropolitan Policy Project)
CUMPCommunitary Universal Microcontroller Programmer
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We performed LDA for two-group classification problems such as CMP + CMT versus CMP + CUMT, CUMP + CMT versus CUMP + CUMT, RMP + RMT versus RMP + RUMT, and RUMP + RMT versus RUMP versus RUMT.
The CUMP is an open-source library optimized for execution of the multiple precision computations on GeForce 400/500 GPU architectures from Nvidia.
A report of the mission work here as supplied by CUMP missionary Charles Wedgewood is indicative: "The work at Per and in the surrounding districts has been going steadily ahead.
Sherman was stationed in California at Monterey throughout the Mexican-American War and was in contact with Effinger and the "Lancaster Boys" in California during the fall of 1849; Effinger speculated in his letter of October 31 that brother Eddy might accompany Cump to Lancaster, and at the end of December, Effinger wrote that Sherman had plans to board the next steamer, scheduled to depart on January 1, 1850.
father had admired the pro-British Shawnee leader of name killed in battle by Americans during the War of But the young Sherman did not like and could not pronounce the name; soon it was shortened to 'Cump'.
of Tube well cump Pump room building at Tube Well Station Dholian
Mariana Gaju (RO/PES), the Mayor of Cump?na who led the Committee's opinion, recalled Commission figures that the legislation could bring 600 billion net savings, two million jobs and deliver 1% GDP growth.
Ge Mceme Secunderabad, Mceme Cumps, Trimulgheery Post Secunderabad Pin500015
Consequently, mountain bike related injuries increased, affecting simultaneously the health-care and socio-economic costs (Cumps et al., 2008; Ozturk and Kilic, 2013).
NPs Hydrodynamic diameter Z potential (mV) Mob ([micro]mcm/Vs) (nm) Cu 260.9 [+ or -] 8.29 -19.6 [+ or -] 0.5 -1.53 [+ or -] 0.04 Ni 217.5 [+ or -] 10.25 -24.6 [+ or -] 2.20 -1.51 [+ or -] 0.12 Table 2: Genotoxicity data obtained from the Drosophila wing/spot test experiments with copper nanoparticles (CuNPs) and microparticles (CuMPs).
All these influential conditions lead the public sector to improve its corporate governance, as it helps organizations make better decisions, thus enhancing government's operation (Carvalho & Laurindo, 2007; Chan, Sabherwal, & Thatcher, 2006; Cumps et al., 2009; Davenport, 1993; Earl, 1993; Henderson & Venkatraman, 1993; Hirscheim & Sabherwal, 2001; Jorfi, Nor, Najjar, & Jorfi, 2011; Niederman, Brancheau, & Wetherbe, 1991; Nolan & McFarlan, 2005).