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Caption: Although no longer in production the Light Cun is in service in many armies as the L118, the US Army deploying the L119 version that can fire the M1 ammunition.
DU20: 7 cuns above the posterior hairline and 5 cuns above the anterior hairline;
DU21: 3.5 cuns directly above the anterior hairline or 1.5 cuns anterior to DU20;
DU22: 2 cuns posterior to the anterior hairline or 3 cuns anterior to DU20.
We show below that the data in the CUNs provide upper bounds for the losses to MeBr users, and these do indeed vary according to sector and location.
The distribution of the estimates of [DELTA] from a sample of CUNs is presented in Figure 2.
(12) However, it must be kept in mind that the cost estimates in Figure 2 are upper bounds of the loss to producers from phasing out MeBr, while the MLF project costs are a lower bound on what is "economically feasible." This suggests that a great many of the MeBr replacement projects described in the CUNs actually are "economically feasible" using the global willingness-to-pay yardstick.
The loss of profits would be considerably lower than estimated in the CUNs because of market price and factor substitution effects.
Activities of this type also have been undertaken in non-Article 5(1) countries with respect to MeBr specifically, such as the USDA/EPA MeBr Working Group in the United States, or the Horticultural Research & Development Corporation's Methyl Bromide Alternatives Research Coordination Committee in Australia, and many other government- and industry-funded efforts that are detailed in the CUNs themselves.
Source: UNEP (2003b) and national CUNs. TABLE 2 Phaseout Costs Per ODP-Tonne Under the Multilateral Fund, 2002 U.S.