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Moreover, the longterm stability of the films was studied, as shown in Figure 7 for (e) AgNWs and (f) CuNWs. Both AgNW films were subjected to an input power of 9 W, which corresponds to a temperature of 183[degrees]C.
In short- and long-term stress tests under high electrical power densities, the AgNWs proved to be much more resilient than CuNWs attributed to their chemical resistance.
Caption: Figure 7: (a) On the left is a photo for a transparent heater based on AgNWs on glass substrate; on the right is a photo of a transparent heater based on CuNWs. (b) IR-image for an AgNW heater that is subjected to an electrical input power of 6 W, which corresponds to a power density of 0.34 W/[cm.sup.2].