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33) tu es qui uenturus es an alium expectamus (Mt 11.3) du ard l ard du sede to cymende waes l is oddae oder we bidas (Li) arpu sepe cwome scalt pe we opres bidep (Ru1) eart pu pe to cumenne eart odde we opres abidan (WSCp) 'Art thou (he) who art to come or taust we wait for another?' 34) uenit maria magdalenae et altera maria uidere sepulchrum (Mt 28.1) cuom diu magdalenesca 7 odero to geseanne p byrgenn (Li) cwom maria magdalenisca 7 oper maria to sceawenne pa byrgenne (Ru1) com seo magdalenisce maria 7 seo oder maria p hig woldon geseon pa byrgene (WSCp) 'Maria Magdalene and the other Maria came so that they wished to see the sepulchre' 3.3.11.
cuom oe diowi l oe yfle 7 genom t gelahte p gesawen waes in hearta
da cuom haelend from (blank) in (blank) to (blank) 3.13