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CUONChronic Unilateral Optic Neuropathy
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Particularly, the possibility that Speothos may belong to a clade of hypercarnivorous canids, together with Lycaon and Cuon, has received support from recent analyses of dental and osteological characters (Prevosti 2010).
They all long for their mother's cooking--goi cuon, banh chung, pho--harshly judging local Vietnamese restaurants.
At present, six species and two genera of medium-to-large-sized canids are recorded from the late Pleistocene; Rancholabrean North American Land Mammal Age of Mexico, which include the dhole, Cuon alpinus (Kurten and Anderson, 1980), coyote, Canis latrans (Kurten, 1974; Nowak, 1979), gray wolf, C.
33-4; and Hoang Minh Phu'ong, 'Ve mot cuon sach xuat ban o' Trong Quoc viet ve Dien Bien Phu', Xu'a va Nay, 3 (1994): 14.
Here are some examples: Char Siu (honey roast red-cooked pork); Gado (vegetable salad with chile peanut dressing); Banh Cuon (Vietnamese rice rolls); Sake No Teriyai (teriyaki roast salmon), Ga Quay Mat Ong (chicken roasted with a honey, lemon and garlic glaze), Pochero (mixed meat and vegetable stew), and Rendang Sapi (Indonesian Red Beef Curry).
Note that it comes on a dish titled banh cuon nhan thit cha lua with delicate, tiny, rice spring rolls filled with minced, seasoned pork ($4).