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CUPACertified Unified Program Agency
CUPACollege and University Personnel Association
CUPACollege University Professional Association (human resources)
CUPACompassion Unlimited Plus Action (Bangalore, India animal welfare organization)
CUPACollege of Urban and Public Affairs
CUPACanadian Ultimate Players Association
CUPACloud Utilization Promotion Agency (Japan)
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However, the coefficient for CUPA SAL suggests that a one dollar increase in entry-level, field-specific salary is associated with an increase of U-PLAC salaries of only $.
We also estimated the models by replacing CUPA SAL with department dummy variables.
31) CUPA SAL CUPA salary data for new assistants by $37,625.
Ultimately, we agreed that Barnes & Noble would give CUPA a 20 percent discount if sales totaled less than $1,000 or a 25 percent discount if sales amounted to more than $1,000.
CUPA asked Barnes & Noble to write a letter of agreement that simply spelled out this arrangement and reaffirmed the company's commitment to the convention bookstore.
Every year, CUPA gives concurrent session speakers a gift of appreciation for their presentation.
CUPA, with its small contingent of convention workers, could not handle the additional staffing burden posed by the bookstore.
Normally, they purchase CUPA books with purchase orders from their individual tax-exempt institutions.
Working with Champion Exposition Services, the company contracted to set up the exhibition hall, CUPA designed a square, 20-foot-by-20-foot structure open on two sides for easy flow of traffic.
Following several keynote presentations, a CUPA volunteer also would thank the speaker and then make an announcement regarding the bookstore.
With its completion, Torralba said millions of agricultural crops, major roads, houses and infrastructures and thousands of residents along the river will now be spared with the swelling of the Cupas river during the rainy season.