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CUPECanadian Union of Public Employees
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If this is the new climate in which labour must operate, efforts like that of CUPE Ontario to organize coordinated bargaining on a provincial level may be a crucial step in building the political will to defy such legislation and to sustain a more militant round of class struggle.
CUPE 3903, however, had a history of strike successes and welcomed the opportunity to confront the neoliberal logic of the university.
Having consolidated their positions within their respective constituencies, it is now up to CUPE national president Paul Moist and Ontario Division president Sid Ryan to resolve this dispute.
In addition to international solidarity work, Katherine is a prominent activist in her local, helping maintain and deepen CUPE 3903's example as a militant and progressive voice for unionists across Ontario.
CUPE local president Kelly O'Sullivan called on the Central Neighbourhood House management and board to join community workers and other local social service agencies to develop a community-based coalition focused on pushing the provincial government to increase funding for the sector.
Workers at the Haven, Anchorage and Mobile Crisis Unit services, all represented by CUPE, are in a similar strike position and have decided today to post pone strike action.
National representative for CUPE which represents the 120 employees, Kathy MacLeod, said the deal was validated by members registering 98 per cent to support the new deal.
It's prompted by my involvement in the CUPE National Women's Task Force and as a board member of the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW).
We want the Ministry to address our workload issues by working with us and with the employers to solve this crisis with CUPE and OPSEU, which represent employees of children's aid societies.
CUPE Local 79 President Tim Maguire, the other Co-Patron, commented, "This campaign had as a goal to demonstrate that municipal workers participate in, and care about, their community.
When CUPE delegates returned to their homes and workplaces after attending the Ontario Division's annual convention in May, the media reports they would see and hear focused on but one resolution adopted at the convention.
The temporary facility will only have about 15 beds and that means some of the 86 mental health workers will lose their jobs - on top of the 44 already lost through downsizing, said CUPE National Representative Linda Thurston-Neeley.