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CUPETUnión Cuba-Petróleo
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CUPET experts affirm that other oil reservoirs exist in the Cuban archipelago and their projections through 2030 reflect plans to drill on land and in shallow water, to increase production rates in existing fields through better technologies, and to modernize refining capacity (NotiCen, March 30, 2000, and Oct.
MEO has been negotiating on the production-sharing contract with Cuban national oil company Cupet. MEO, which is trying to fend off a hostile scrip-based takeover offer from Mosman Oil & Gas, listed on London's Alternative Investment Market, started looking at Cuba about three years ago, well before US President Barack Obama last month signalled a major change of policy towards the country, paving the way for an opening up of diplomatic and economic relations between the two.
Zarubezhneft and Cupet signed a 25-year agreement for the enhancement project and further exploration at Boca de Jaruco in 2011.
Cupet, Paul (1895), "Chez les populations sauvages de Sud de l'Annam 1887-1891", en Le Tour du Monde, nr.
CUPET stated that once works conclude in the new well, the rig will be operated by Venezuela's Oil Company PDVSA in the westernmost tip of the island known as Cabo de San Antonio.
Regarding the oil sector, PEMEX subsidiary Pemex Exploracion y Produccion (PEP) and CUPET agreed to explore opportunities along their common border in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
They settled mainly on remote hilltops and ridges and were from the beginning considered by the French as "greatest destroyers of forests" (Cupet 2000 [1900], p.
The original agreement allowed for the sale, at market prices, of up to 53,000 barrels per day of crude oil and derivatives (diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, etc.) by PDVSA, Venezuela's state-owned petroleum company, to its Cuban counterpart, CUPET. The number of barrels of oil Venezuela began selling to Cuba has risen to over 90,000 barrels daily.
<p>In a statement the company said it has agreed to farm-out a 5% interest (6.25% paying interest) in the Cabinda Onshore South Block, Angola to Cuba Petroleo (Cupet), Cuba's national oil company.
The company has entered into the agreement with Companhia Cubana de Petroleo (Cupet).
24, 2007, Venezuela and Cuba signed 16 JV accords in energy, finance, tele-communications, metallurgy, mining, tourism, transport and agriculture, as well as documents for both states to initiate, through PDVSA and Cuba Petroleo (Cupet), E&P and certification of the oilfields in the Orinoco Tar Belt and in Cuban waters in the Gulf of Mexico.