CUPPCommunity University Partnership Programme (University of Brighton; UK)
CUPPCouncil of Undergraduate Psychology Programs
CUPPCanada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program
CUPPCanberra Urban Parks and Places (Department of Urban Services; Canberra, Australia)
CUPPCombined Unit Pacification Program
CUPPCitizens United for Peace and Progress (Sierra Leone)
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This is without a doubt the most important part of the CUPP internship.
For most generations of CUPP interns, Question Period, media scrums, and briefings exemplify the high degree of openness on the Canadian system--something we would like to see one day implemented in the Ukrainian parliament.
Governor General Adrienne Clarkson, for example, appeared in front of the public in sportswear with a backpack and a cap turned to the side, knocking our whole CUPP group from our chairs.
The experience and knowledge gained during the CUPP internship opens up new horizons for many alumni upon the program's completion.
When looking at CUPP alumni profiles, one can readily see the great contribution CUPP has been making to the education of future leaders of Ukraine.
Olga Makara (1994) has summarized the opinion of the majority of CUPP Alumni, "CUPP played a key role in my professional activity and education.
The first step of a significant part of CUPP alumni after returning from Canada is continuation of their education.
This raises hopes that the Rule of Law and democratic principles learned during the CUPP Program will soon be implemented in Ukrainian society.
The board and sponsors of CUPP may be also proud of Oksana Rudiuk (1996), Olga Dmytrenko (1998), Hanna Kossiv (1998), Natalya Syedina (2000), and Tetyana Nedashkovska (2003).
The CUPP has given birth to some sparkling stars in the Ukrainian social and political universe, but lots of problems remain unsolved.