CUPPSCommon Use Passenger Processing Systems (air travel)
CUPPSCannot Use Paper, Plastic, or Styrofoam (program to encourage reuseable beverage container use)
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National chairman of PPN, who spoke of the preparedness of Coalition for United Political Parties (CUPP) for the 2019 general election, said CUPP was set to present 'a presidential candidate with unblemished records that will defeat President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 general election.'
Advisory Research said that the combination will bring the Cupps team's growth stock investing expertise and strategies to Advisory Research's multi-manager platform, which will provide a full range of distribution and product support services.
"Each airline using our CUPPS system needs to build integration locally, on-site.
New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & Industry Features) Tue, Mar 25, 2014 - Heathrow AOC Ltd, through the AOC Shared Systems Board, has awarded Rockwell Collins, through its recent acquisition of ARINC, a five-year contract that will place the companyas latest ARINC vMUSEacents Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS) in all four common-use terminals at LHR, one of the worldas busiest airports.
A further petition to the mayor and aldermen in which Robert Amery requested 'a perpetuall establishment of a yearlie horsse race & runing at the ringe at the roode eye upon St George his day', reminding them that 'lately to this Peticioners greate trouble & Charges' he did 'procure three Bell Cupps of silver to be made, with other shewes and devyses ...
The project, which involves the design, supply and installation of Arinc's core suite of airport passenger processing solutions, as well as advanced airport operational systems, will include state-of-the-art, common use passenger processing systems, or Cupps, and boarding operations at the expanding airport.
Cupps (common use passenger processing system), Cuss (common use self-service) and Bag Manager services are being widely deployed with the main hub being Jeddah.
(21) There are at least three surviving examples of gold tea pots, and the probable patron of Lord Monthermer's cream ewer, his father Ralph, 1st Duke of Montagu (1638-1709), is recorded as having had a further two, as well as '2 Cupps 1 fork & 1 spoone'.
A decade later, Stephen Cupps argued for remaining near the base of Arnstein's ladder (1977).
Groomsmen were Ben Carr, Joel Holden, Scott DeLoach, Jason Edwards, McKay Holmes, Anthony Cupps, Hal Kerstetter, and Blake Chance.