CUPRCenter for Urban Policy Research (Rutgers University)
CUPRCouncil of University Professors and Researchers (est. 1992; Canada; various universities)
CUPRCertificate of University Preparation (New Zealand)
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2000), and Kirkpatrick (1993), CUPR began the process of implementing undergraduate student learning outcomes assessment into traditional academic program review.
To facilitate communication of the refined program review process, CUPR held informational presentations to the Provost, Deans, Department Heads, the Faculty Senate, the Council on Undergraduate Education (which establishes and maintains the general education requirements), and groups of faculty from individual colleges and departments.
Resolution in implementation: CUPR has worked continuously to make the process as manageable as possible.
CUPR has held many conversations around this topic and there has been no consensus as to whether assessment should become a part of the promotion and tenure consideration.
Additionally, many workshops were conducted by UGA and CUPR to educate faculty and assist them in: writing learning outcomes (Fall 2001-present), identifying assessment methods (Spring 2002-present), how to use TracDat (Fall 2002-present), and how to make assessment meaningful and manageable (Fall 2002-present).
These workshops were set so as to help faculty meet yearly requests from CUPR and the Vice Provost's office.
Resolution in implementation: CUPR reiterated to faculty that outside accrediting agencies are articulating their expectation for assessment of student learning.
We originally distributed its publications in the 1970s, until CUPR decided to develop its own press.