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CUPSCommon Unix Printing System
CUPSCisco Unified Presence Server
CUPSCisco Unified Presence Server (computer networking)
CUPSCapitalization, Usage, Punctuation, &, Spelling
CUPSConsolidated Uniform Payroll System
CUPSCritical Unstable Potentially Unstable Stable (Assessment for Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies Assessment)
CUPSCouncil On Uniform Procurement System
CUPSCivilian Unified Pay System
CUPSConsolidated Unit Personnel Section
CUPSCritical Utilities - Power Supply
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Sirrah Robin, we were best look that your devil can answer the stealing of this same cup, for the Vintner's boy follows us at the hard heels.
Just as he was going to lie down, the eldest of the princesses brought him a cup of wine; but the soldier threw it all away secretly, taking care not to drink a drop.
Corney was about to solace herself with a cup of tea.
'Twas ruled that he who quaffed no fancy's bowl Should drain the "Golden Valley"* cups of wine.
There were several of these revolving bookcases standing here and there about the library; on one of them stood the two cups of coffee, and on another a large open book.
Here are the three cups. And the cup on the mantel-piece, half drunk, that would be Mr.
I hope that is good and strong," added Rose, eyeing the steaming cup with an eager look.
``No, my lord,'' replied Cedric, standing up, and placing on the table his untasted cup, ``I yield not the name of son to the disobedient youth, who at once despises my commands, and relinquishes the manners and customs of his fathers.''
Nor should I care to be seen wearing one of the rings; but the greatest fraud of all (from the aforesaid standpoint) is assuredly that very cup of which Raffles had spoken.
And on that account ye had to drink the bitter cup of your love.
It appeared to contain medical preparations, one of which he mingled with a cup of water.
Picture to yourselves, my dear children, a handsome, old-fashioned room, with a large, open cupboard at one end, in which is displayed a magnificent gold cup, with some other splendid articles of gold and silver plate.