CUPWCanadian Union of Postal Workers
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Our government would like to thank Canada Post and CUPW for coming together and reaching these new tentative collective agreements.
As Mandel describes, CUPW organized demonstrations,
While CUPW National President Denis Lemelin noted that pension and social-assistance cheques come out on Monday, which the union had an agreement to deliver.
The issues involved have key implications for CUPW, the post office, the larger public sector and the role and orientation of the labour movement.
Members of AFL affiliated unions, however, actively organized against Charlottetown along with CUPW and PSAC.
CUPW challenged Bill C-6 in the courts and on April 28, 2016, an Ontario Superior Court decision was rendered.
For others, CUPW under Parrot's direction took a principled stand on issues ranging from collective bargaining, technological change, and health/ safety protections, to gender equality.
I purposely avoid ruminating on the rather sad and demoralizing events at the Ontario Federation of Labour, where a new leadership change has done little to inspire anyone, although I might add that the exciting speeches of the National President of the CUPW, and some of the participants in the movement cited below, stand out as a refreshing counterpoint.
More than 40 groups, student and labour organizations support the call, including the Red Hand coalition, Montreal-area CUPW members and the union representing workers of the French-language CHUM superhospital.
In 2011, Canada Post tried to force CUPW members into accepting a defined-contribution pension plan for new hires.
To redress this imbalance, a research team composed of Margaret Little, Theresa O'Keefe, Sarah Riegel, and Kristin Hulme of the Political Studies Department at Queen's University, and Lynne Pajot of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers [CUPW] designed a programme to encourage female CUPW members to consider working in non-traditional occupations and to minimize any negative responses to women's presence in such sectors of the labour market.
CUPE and CUPW have both made declarations in support of the Palestinian struggle, opposing the Occupation and calling for the return of Palestinian exiles.