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CURDSCentre for Urban and Regional Development Studies (UK)
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To which, with great composure and pretended innocence, Sancho replied, "If they are curds let me have them, your worship, and I'll eat them; but let the devil eat them, for it must have been he who put them there.
"So, so," said the gentleman to himself at this; "our worthy knight has shown of what sort he is; the curds, no doubt, have softened his skull and brought his brains to a head."
The keeper obeyed, and Don Quixote, fixing on the point of his lance the cloth he had wiped his face with after the deluge of curds, proceeded to recall the others, who still continued to fly, looking back at every step, all in a body, the gentleman bringing up the rear.
The first part of his history had not yet reached him, for, had he read it, the amazement with which his words and deeds filled him would have vanished, as he would then have understood the nature of his madness; but knowing nothing of it, he took him to be rational one moment, and crazy the next, for what he said was sensible, elegant, and well expressed, and what he did, absurd, rash, and foolish; and said he to himself, "What could be madder than putting on a helmet full of curds, and then persuading oneself that enchanters are softening one's skull; or what could be greater rashness and folly than wanting to fight lions tooth and nail?"
Break up a cupful of curds into a microwave-safe plate or bowl.
The factory has been growing since it opened this past spring, offering made-fresh-daily cheddar curds and bricks in a variety of flavours.
The data revealed that consumers were willing to pay an average of $3.45 when the curds were described as healthy and nutritious with a picture of Darth Vader, but they would pay only $2.17 with the same description accompanied by an image of Luke Skywalker.
CURDS is now itself an internationally-renowned research centre focused upon urban and regional change, development and policy.
STEP 4: When the milk registers just over 100 degrees, either lift curds from the whey with a slotted spoon or line a colander with cheesecloth and strain curds into a sink.
Made with 100 percent authentic Wisconsin cheese curds sourced from the award-winning LaGrander s Hillside Dairy, the lightly breaded curds feature the seal of approval by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.
coli O157 and O26 at dynamic temperature conditions during temperature treatment of cheese curds are illustrated in Figures 3 and 4.
It was more significant in the 5% and 10% curds ghee compared to controls.