CUREAConsortium for Undergraduate Research and Education in Astronomy
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While the 24-inch Cole telescope of Mount Wilson's Telescopes in Education (TIE) program has been used in the past for simple imaging, last year saw CUREA utilizing for the first time TIE's new remotely operated 14-inch telescope for student CCD imaging and photometry projects.
For example, when asteroid 2002 NY40 passed within 530,000 kilometers of Earth during last year's CUREA session, Eric Briggs of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada took time out from his project of measuring the rotation periods of asteroids to record the close encounter.
CUREA has earned a special place at Mount Wilson, as evidenced by the tremendous volunteer effort of its staff and other CUREA supporters.
Perry Rose, a student in the first CUREA class, joined the University of Southern California's helioseismology program at the 60-foot solar-tower observatory.
It's no exaggeration for me to say that CUREA changed my life," explains Hale.
The experience of staying on the mountain for two weeks is something I'll never forget," exclaims Thomas Hakewill, a senior astrophysics student at Cardiff University in Wales, United Kingdom, who attended the 2002 CUREA.