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CUREDCampaign Urging Research for Eosinophilic Disease
CUREDCenter for Universal Research to Eradicate Disease (Florida)
CUREDCenter for Urban Resource, Exchange and Development (Philippines)
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A malady that was formerly cured by the touch of the sovereign, but has now to be treated by the physicians.
Well, I said, and to require the help of medicine, not when a wound has to be cured, or on occasion of an epidemic, but just because, by indolence and a habit of life such as we have been describing, men fill themselves with waters and winds, as if their bodies were a marsh, compelling the ingenious sons of Asclepius to find more names for diseases, such as flatulence and catarrh; is not this, too, a disgrace?
The next day when he arose he found, to his great joy and astonishment, that he was completely cured. When he entered his audience-chamber all his courtiers, who were eager to see if the wonderful cure had been effected, were overwhelmed with joy.
You go against rottenness, and there is nothing more thoroughly rotten than making people believe that society can be cured by a political hocus-pocus."
For those that put their bodies to endure in health, may in most sicknesses, which are not very sharp, be cured only with diet, and tendering.
The affair of the amethyst brooch cured me of meddling with things that didn't belong to me.
The disease can be cured. For the comfort of the shy, I can assure them of that from personal experience.
It was a week after he cured her headache that a moonlight sail on Lake Merritt was proposed by Norman and seconded by Arthur and Olney.
Her position on the heeling boat irked her, and she remembered the headache he had cured and the soothing rest that resided in him.
Present research was aimed to compare the MSB of the orthodontic bracket cured at different curing light tip distances of 0mm and 5mm.
Today our cured foods, while not crucial to our survival as a species, are crucial to our survival as a proscuit-to-devouring, smoked-salmon-lovin' people.
When the calcium level in commercial water supplies reaches the 100-ppm to 500-ppm range, it can create hard water, which may impact the quality of cured meat.