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CUREDCampaign Urging Research for Eosinophilic Disease
CUREDCenter for Universal Research to Eradicate Disease (Florida)
CUREDCenter for Urban Resource, Exchange and Development (Philippines)
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The next day when he arose he found, to his great joy and astonishment, that he was completely cured.
And therefore our politic Asclepius may be supposed to have exhibited the power of his art only to persons who, being generally of healthy constitution and habits of life, had a definite ailment; such as these he cured by purges and operations, and bade them live as usual, herein consulting the interests of the State; but bodies which disease had penetrated through and through he would not have attempted to cure by gradual processes of evacuation and infusion: he did not want to lengthen out good-for-nothing lives, or to have weak fathers begetting weaker sons;--if a man was not able to live in the ordinary way he had no business to cure him; for such a cure would have been of no use either to himself, or to the State.
 The superstition that maladies can be cured by royal taction is
But when I regained my feet I was not cured of my major afflictions.
You go against rottenness, and there is nothing more thoroughly rotten than making people believe that society can be cured by a political hocus-pocus.
The affair of the amethyst brooch cured me of meddling with things that didn't belong to me.
It was a week after he cured her headache that a moonlight sail on Lake Merritt was proposed by Norman and seconded by Arthur and Olney.
Her position on the heeling boat irked her, and she remembered the headache he had cured and the soothing rest that resided in him.
4 : to provide a solution for <The threat of having to repeat fifth grade cured me of bad study habits.
The Supreme Court judge confirmed the referee's report, including the extension of Waldbaum's option to renew until after the default under the lease was cured.
Formulating rubber stocks to have better cured hot tear resistance (ref.